Open Notebook Science

2014-07-14 by Fredrik

I remember when I first heard about Jean-Claude Bradley and Open Notebook Science. It was in 2006, around when he started up the UsefulChem project and I was both amazed, intrigued and a bit skeptical. Like many others, I had problems seeing how it would work in practice to be that open... I had no doubt that this was a great way of doing science, but the question was if anyone could finance it. However, the project turned into great success, and there are several other examples out there of Open Notebook Science that's working in practice.

To help Open Notebook Science in chemistry, and to remember Jean-Claude Bradley on the day of the Jean-Claude Bradley Memorial Symposium, we are today launching ecLabNote Open.

With this initiative, we are offering ecLabNote for free for any research group who is willing to work in the spirit of Open Notebook Science, while simultaneously giving our customers the possibility to share specific experiments openly with the world.

If you are interested in setting up ecLabNote Open, please let us know at Or you can browse the so far small set of open data at


2014-07-13 by Fredrik

So, today it's time to start blogging. The purpose of this blog is to share updates, thoughts, information and ideas with our customers and anyone else interested. It will be sporadic, but hopefully of value! See you around!

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